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Free In-Home Consultations
With over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate, Custom Home Building, and Remodeling Industries. Samples and Waters Real Estate bring numerous advantages above and beyond the typical Real Estate agent!
For example, the first thing we do is evaluate your property and determine if there are any issues that would hinder a “Quick Sale” of your Home. Our “Licensed Home Inspector” will assess and address any negative issues that may exist that you are not aware of. We then address the repairs that are needed, deferring payment until closing in some cases.

We acknowledge Enhancements such as Landscape, Finished Basements, and Renovations, that promote good curb appeal as well as a pleasurable showing. Remember, you typically will have only ONE Opportunity, for a FIRST IMPRESSION. We can assist to address these areas as well, if needed, in order to achieve Your Highest Obtainable Price!

During showings, not only we do we use our Real Estate Expertise. We also use our Contracting Expertise, to overcome any negative issues that may arise during a potential buyer’s walk-thru. We can even make suggestions to modifications and or alterations that can be utilized to make YOUR property the right choice for the purchaser. This includes items such as opening up walls, flooring modifications, paint alterations, or even deck and porch additions. We can even present a price with “Our In-House” discounts for these additions to help facilitate a Quicker Closing!